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Help your organisation quantify your privacy risks under GDPR

Bring a consistent approach to quantify your data privacy risks. Make better privacy decisions, faster, while adhering to your GDPR compliance responsibilities.

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Know your GDPR risks inside out

Dapple helps create a consistent approach to identifying and classifying your organisation's risks.

Dapple creates a risk score and suggests actions to improve your high-risk areas. This allows your organisation to have shared understanding of your privacy risks.

Breeze through your record of processing compliance responsibilities.

Create a single source of truth by linking your Record of Processing Activities (RoPA) your Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Legitimate Interests Assessments (LIA) and Data Transfer Impact Assessments (TIA).

Demonstrate adherence to GDPR principles

Your Data Protection Officer (DPO) will be able to generate and send your documents straight to your data protection supervisory authority.

You will be able to prove your GDPR compliance faster, cheaper, and benchmark your organisation across your industry.

This is exactly the tool I needed for my business to document the basics of our processing activities. A Start-up founder
This is great for small business who don't have a privacy professional on hand and need to comply with GDPR. A Privacy Professional

€200 per month

Work with Dapple per month

€2,160 per year

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Both plans include

  • ✓ Unlimited Record of Processing Activities (RoPA), Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Legitimate Interests Assessments (LIA) and Data Transfer Impact Assessments (TIA)
  • ✓ Data breach assessment score in line with the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA)
  • ✓ Actionable items based on your RoPA and how they relate to GDPR
  • ✓ Export your RoPA, their related PIA, LIA and TIA and suggested action items

Comply Faster With Unlimited Records of Processing Activities

Unlimited Records of Processing Activities

Unlimited Records of Processing mean capturing all your commpliance requirements. With Dapple, your team can work on as many RoPAs, DPIA and LIAs as they’d like with no restrictions.

Insight risk insights

You will immediately get risk insights into your organisation, and how that benchmarks against other similar systems and industries.

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Your GDPR obligations

Since 25th of May 2018, the general data protection regulation (GDPR) has been in force. This requires organisations processing personal data of EU citizens or within EU member states must document their processing activities.

Whether you are a data controller or a data processor, GDPR compliance is required. Supervisory authorities are applying GDPR fines and you have objections to your data subjects in the event of a data breach.

With Dapple, you'll be able to document your processing activities and demonstarte to supervisory authorities that you are GDPR compliant.